Official StocksFC Whitepaper

StocksFC is the Football Stock Market where you can buy, sell and trade football player stocks and earn rewards when your players perform on the pitch.

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We've created a platform that allows you to build a portfolio of your favourite players and earn weekly, monthly and end of season rewards in Ethereum. It's just like the real stock market but, the stocks are football players instead of companies!

Assemble your portfolio and collect weekly reward payouts

Buy out-of-form players and sell later for a higher price

Discover young wonderkids that will win you rewards for years to come

The Vision

Like millions of you, we are passionate about football. Blockchain technology has recently provided us with new types of infrastructure and toolsets to utilise our passion to build a sustainable, transparent and most importantly fun way to make the beautiful game even more exciting than it already is.

At StocksFC, we envision sports-based stock markets to be the future and we are at the forefront.

The Problem

For too long, traditional football gaming and betting have been the only options for fans to earn money from the sport. Newer solutions such as NFT-based games that have recently emerged allow users to own their own assets; however, many of these are built upon the hype of NFT technology and true ownership, rather than the core product itself.

The Solution

Purchasing a stock at StocksFC is different. It provides you with reward payouts for the length of the football player's career. Each stock is a real token on the StocksFC blockchain. This is real utility!

Core Values


The use of blockchain technology allows us to be transparent in everything we do. All transactions at StocksFC are logged on our blockchain and can't be tampered with. This gives our users a new level of trust that isn't available on traditional stock markets.


Everything on the StocksFC platform has been built with sustainability at the core. Our reward system is designed to withstand long periods of low user activity and doesn't solely rely on new users to fund player rewards.

Our stocks have been designed to build intrinsic value over time

Each player has a maximum number of 100k stocks

All unsold stocks are destroyed by us

Players are never released more than once

A small portion of each stock is burnt with every user-to-user trade. This lowers the total supply over time and increases the potential of rewards/stock

Users First

StocksFC takes a community-first approach. We take user polls before making decisions on big platform changes and are very open to new ideas and suggestions to improve the platform.

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