Initial Player Offerings (IPO)

What is an IPO?

If you're looking to build your portfolio, an IPO is a great place to start. IPO stands for Initial Player Offering - it's when StocksFC releases a new football player on the platform, and makes stocks of that player available for purchase.

Key IPO Facts:

  • 100,000 stocks per player are listed for sale

  • Each player is listed for sale only once

  • All unsold stocks are permanently destroyed

How does an IPO work?

During an IPO, all 100,000 stocks of a player will be available for purchase for a period of 2-5 days, with a countdown timer on the page displaying the remaining time in the sale. All users have the chance to purchase the stocks, but when the timer reaches zero, we destroy any unsold stocks. The sold stocks are then distributed to the users who purchased them, giving the buyers complete control of the market as they own all of the stocks.

Buying from an IPO offers the opportunity to purchase variable amounts of stocks at a fixed price, before the holders of the stocks determine the price on the transfer market.

Missed the IPO? No Problem. If you miss an IPO, you can still buy the stocks on the transfer market from other users.

You can buy a maximum of 2000 stocks per transaction, with a maximum of one transaction every 10 seconds. The price of an IPO is determined by several factors, including player demand, age, quality, and the current state of the StocksFC economy.

2-4 players released will be released via IPO each week during the loading phase (this will increase in August). You will receive the stocks you purchased within 48 hours of the IPO ending.

Why should I buy from an IPO?

Buying a stock during an IPO gives you the opportunity to purchase variable amounts of the stocks for a fixed price. When the IPO has ended, the holders of the stocks will determine the price on the Transfer Market.

What happens if I miss the IPO?

If you miss the IPO, you will have to buy the stocks on the Transfer Market.

When are IPOs announced?

New players are announced each Sunday and released on the platform the following week.

When will IPO players arrive in my portfolio?

Stocks purchased via IPO will arrive in your portfolio on the following Sunday, they will also be eligible to score from this day onwards

What happens if there is an error with an IPO end time or it stops early?

If the IPO's end date or time on the website differs from the announced schedule, corrections will be made without disrupting trading. If the website's timer shows a later closing time than scheduled, the IPO will stay open until that time. If it displays an earlier time, the IPO will be extended to align with the announced end time.

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