Segregated Wallet Architecture

What does segregated wallets mean?

StocksFC uses segregated wallets which means our funds are split in to different wallets depending on the purpose. For instance, we hold all user funds separately than our platform funds and reward wallets. This gives us an extra layer of security and ensures that funds are only used for the specific purpose the wallet was designed for.

What are the segregated wallets that StocksFC Use?

  • User fund wallets

All user funds are held in a secure and segregated wallet. This wallet has no other purpose than to hold user funds. The only purpose it serves is for deposits and withdrawals - StocksFC will not directly access this wallet. The balance of this wallet is always higher than the total amount of user funds on the platform.

  • Reward Wallets

The reward wallets are 4 independent wallets that contain funds used to pay Team of the Week, Team of the Month, Team of the Season and In-play rewards.

  • BuyBack Wallet

The Buyback wallet is used to create buy orders for the player on the exchange when an IPO has ended.

  • Staking Wallet

The staking wallet generates funds for the reward wallets.

  • Development & Operations Wallet

StocksFC platform funds, taken from trade commission.

Can we take money from segregated wallets?

No, StocksFC only uses funds from the Development and Operations Wallet, we do not directly access any other wallets, they are controlled by smart contracts.

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