What is the portfolio?

The portfolio page is your go-to destination for managing and monitoring your stocks at StocksFC. It offers a detailed view of all the stocks that you own and provides a wealth of data and statistics, including your current Ethereum balance, profits made, and current prices.

Portfolio Value

This is the current total value of all of your stocks combined.

Ethereum Balance

The amount of Ethereum that you currently have in your account.

Total Rewards Earned

The total amount of all of the rewards you have won since you joined StocksFC.

Stock Statistics



The number of stocks that you own for each player


The combined cost that you have paid for the stocks

Rewards Earned

The amount of Ethereum rewards that the stocks have earned for you

Current Price

The current price of the stock on the transfer market

Total Value

The total combined value of each stock


Profit is calculated with the following equation:

Profit = (Current value + Rewards earned) - cost paid

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