Scoring Matrix

Scoring Data from Opta

Players can score the following points within a game:

Scoring Caveats

  • Clean sheet points are only won by Defenders and Goalkeepers

  • All positions can win winning team points

  • Goals + Shots on target are the only metrics that can stack

  • Unused subs will not win points

  • All players on a team who have played in the game, including those who have been subbed on and subbed off, will earn winning team points, unused subs will not win winning team points.

  • Clean sheet points are awarded on a team basis, if a team does not concede a goal in the game, all defenders, goalkeepers including subbed in or off will earn clean sheet points, If a team concedes, no players will win Clean Sheet Points.

  • Clean sheet: Clean sheet points are calculated for the full duration of open play, excluding penalties. If a game proceeds to extra time, clean sheet calculations will be based on the full 120 minutes.

  • Extra Time and Penalties: All match actions will be scored during open play, including extra time, if the game extends that far. Actions during penalty shootouts are not included in the calculations, except for determining winners, as detailed below:

  • Extra Time and Penalties Winners: If a game goes into extra time or penalty shootouts, team winner points will be awarded based on the outcome of the extra time or penalties, whichever occurs last. Therefore, a team that loses at the end of open play (90 or 120 minutes) but wins in extra time or penalties will still receive the winning team bonus points. Likewise, a team that wins at the end of open play, but loses a penalty shootout, will not receive win points.

  • Goals conceded are awarded against defenders and goalkeepers only for the time they were on the pitch.

  • Multiple Legs: StocksFC calculates scores based on individual games only; it does not include aggregate scores from multi-leg matches.

Matrix Definitions



Shot that goes wide of or over the goal, or hits the post/bar, or is blocked.


Shot On Target

Shot on target (ie applies for a shot that was not blocked and did not hit woodwork but may have been saved off the line by a player on the defending team).



Goal scored.



A goal by passing the ball to the player who scored the goal.


Key Pass

Player assists another player who takes a shot that is on target (includes goals) or off target.



A player intercepts a pass between opposition.


Hit Woodwork

The ball hits the woodwork in any situation (includes blocked onto or saved but not goals).


Penalty Won

Player fouled within the penalty box (excludes any penalties won for handball).



Winning possession or putting the ball out of play.



Defender blocks a shot.


Successful Dribble

Total dribbles where a team player beats an opponent – no over-runs.



Goalkeeper saves a shot.


Penalty Saved

Penalty save made.


Goal conceded

Goal conceded.


Own Goal

Own goal conceded.


Yellow Card

Player receives a yellow card.


Red Card

Player receives a red card.


Penalty Missed

Penalty is wide/off-target, hits the post or is saved by the goalkeeper.


Penalty Conceded

Penalty awarded against the player in question (including handball events).



The value will be the total number of times that player is tackled in a match.


Winning Team

The player is on the winning team.


Clean Sheet

The players team does not concede a goal. (Defenders and Goalkeepers Only. )


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