What is a stock?

A stock, also known as a share, at StocksFC is a real token on the StocksFC blockchain that represents the in-game performances of a specific football player.

Holding a stock in your portfolio entitles you to rewards that the player wins.

Each stock can be traded with up to 18 decimal points, so it is possible to own just 0.000000000000000001 of a stock and earn rewards from it!

What do stocks do?

All stocks at StocksFC are attached to the performance of a football player and have an owner, who is a StocksFC user. When rewards are assigned to a stock, they are paid directly to the owner - much like in the real stock market, when a company pays dividends to its shareholders.

How are stocks obtained?

There are two main ways to obtain stocks at StocksFC: through an IPO (Initial Player Offering) or on the transfer market. The transfer market allows you to buy and sell stocks with other users on the platform, while an IPO is an opportunity to purchase newly released stocks for a specific player.

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