Team Of The Season

Scoring Window

From the date of the community shield until the Champions League Final or Final of a covered international tournament.

23/24: 6th August 2023 - Monday 16th July 2024


The Team of the season wallet will pay out 90% of its total balance for each reward payout. Team of the season is selected and prizes are allocated from 12.15AM on the last day of the season (Noted above). The payments will be made before the new season begins.

Prize allocation can take multiple hours, so do not sell your players until the process has been completed or you may not receive your rewards.

An announcement will be made on discord and X when the process has been completed.

What is Team of the Season?

Each season, the best performing players are selected to win Team of the Season rewards which are made up of the following:

  • 1 x Goalkeeper

  • 3 x Defenders

  • 4 x Midfielders

  • 3 x Attackers

How is Team of the Season selected?

Each season, the 11 best performing players (1 x Goalkeeper, 3 x Defenders, 4 x Midfielders, 3 x Attackers) make up team of the season.

The highest scores are calculated by combining all of the players scores throughout the season.

How many rewards will be paid per stock?

The total reward payout is split evenly across all 11 winning players. For example, if the reward payout for Team of the Season is $11,000, this amount will be split equally among the 11 winning players comprising the team. Therefore, each player making the Team of the Season will earn $1,000 for its holders.

After the reward amount has been split among eligible players, the payout per stock is calculated by dividing the total payout for the player by the number of total stocks on the platform. For example, if there are 1,000 stocks on the platform for one of the winning players, and the player's total payout is $1,000, each stock will earn $1. If you held 10 of the stocks in your portfolio, you would receive $10 in reward payouts.

When are Team of the Season rewards paid?

Team of the season rewards will be paid before the first game of the following season.

What rewards are my stocks eligible for?

Your stocks are eligible for team of the season rewards until you sell them - there is no expiry date.

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