Stock Supply and Rewards

Can all players earn rewards?

The StocksFC reward system allows players of all types of skill level to earn rewards.

  • Top grade players will earn rewards more consistently

  • Mid and lower grade players will earn rewards less consistently, but tend to earn higher payouts because the supply of stocks is lower as less stocks are sold at the player's IPO

Below is an example from our beta test that shows how players of different skill grades can attain rewards:

How does a player's stock supply affect rewards?

The number of stocks in circulation for the player has a strong effect on the reward payout because the total reward payout is split across all of the player's stocks. So stocks with lower total supplies earn a higher percentage of the reward pot.

Below is an example of the reward payouts for players during the beta test which shows how a lower supply can have a positive effect on the players' reward payouts:

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