What is the StocksFC economy and what affects the economy?

All trades within StocksFC happen within the platform, so the platform itself has its own economy. Our goal is to create a healthy and sustainable economy for our users.

In general terms, we can say that the economy is healthy when prices are stable or rising.

How do we track the current state of the economy?

StocksFC uses a metric called the SFMC to track the current state of the economy. The SF20 works just like an index fund such as the S&P 500 or the FTSE-100. These indices are the average price of 500/100 companies.

StocksFC's SF20 works just the same - each day, the SF20 finds the 20 most valuable player stocks and calculates the average price. We can then monitor the SF20 to track the overall health of the platform and measure it on a chart over time.

Is StocksFC Sustainable?

StocksFC has been built with long term sustainability at the core. read more below:


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