What is shareburn?

When a user purchases a stock from another user on StocksFC, 1% is also deducted from the number of stocks that the buyer will receive.

These stocks are permanently destroyed which means a player's total number of stocks will always decrease over time. This ensures that the possible reward pay out per stock always increases over time.

For example:

If a user buys 100 stocks on the transfer market for Cristiano Ronaldo, the user will receive 99 stocks and 1 stock will be permanently destroyed.

What is the purpose of shareburn?

The purpose of shareburn is to increase the stock's intrinsic value, and make long-term purchasing more appealing to users.

As shareburn decreases the stock's total supply, the stock's potential rewards increase because the rewards will be split among less stocks.

What is the current shareburn fee?

The current shareburn fee can be found on the transfer market page.

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