What is an orderbook?

An order book lists the number of stocks being bid on or offered at each price point and shows market depth. These lists help traders and also improve market transparency because they provide valuable trading information.

How do I read the orderbook?

The orderbook contains both buy and sell orders that other buyers and sellers have listed.

The price column shows the price on offer, the quantity is the amount you can buy or sell for the specific price and total shows the total value of all of the orders in the orderbook for that price.

Buying from the orderbook

The orders in red are sell orders from other users whom you can buy from, listed from highest price to lowest price. On the example above, sellers have listed the stocks for sale for between $0.30 and $50.00. If you were to make a market buy on this orderbook, the best price of $0.30 would be selected and executed for your trade.

Selling from the orderbook

The orders in green are buy orders from other users, they are listed from lowest to highest price. On the example above, buyers have made bids for $0.01 and $0.02 per stock. If you were to make a market sell on this orderbook, your stocks would sell for $0.02 each as this is the current best available price.

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