Rewards FAQ

Answers to common questions

StocksFC pays out rewards to users that own the stocks of the best performing football players. Here's what you need to know:

What are Rewards?

Similar to dividends in the stock market, rewards are paid out to users holding stocks of the top performing players.

How are Rewards Calculated?

Rewards are calculated based on the players' real-life performance in games, using a comprehensive scoring matrix that you can explore in the scoring section.

pageScoring Matrix

How are Rewards Paid Out?

We pay rewards automatically to users who hold eligible players in their portfolio. You'll receive your rewards without any additional effort on your part, you don't need to submit a team.

How often are rewards paid?

Rewards are paid with the following timelines:

RewardPayout ScheduleWinning Stocks

Team Of The Week

Each Tuesday

11 Players

Team Of The Month

First Tuesday of the Month

11 Players

Team Of The Season

End of the season

11 Players

Inplay Rewards

Each Tuesday

Unlimited Players

Can I withdraw my rewards?

Rewards are paid in Ethereum and can be withdrawn or used to purchase other stocks.

When can I withdraw my rewards?

You can withdraw your rewards at any time you wish.

Where do rewards come from?

StocksFC pays out rewards from a self-sustaining Reward Pot. A percentage of IPO revenue and trading commissions on the platform are immediately transferred to the Reward Pots after each trade, The StocksFC staking wallet also adds funds in to the reward pots.

Do I need to claim my rewards?

Rewards are paid automatically and transferred to your account cash balance.

How long do I need to hold the stock before it can win a reward?

The blockchain is checked to take a snapshot of your portfolio. The rewards will then be paid on the following Tuesday.

There is no specific time limit a stock needs to be held before it's eligible to win a reward.

When are newly purchased stocks from the transfer market eligible for rewards?

Stocks are eligible for rewards from the moment of purchase, You can purchase a stock after a game and still win reward payouts for the stocks as long as the purchase is before the reward payout date.

When are IPO stocks eligible for rewards?

IPO purchases are eligible for rewards as soon as you purchase them, They will start to earn you rewards before they arrive in your portfolio.

When is the latest i can purchase a stock from the transfer market and earn rewards that week?

You can purchase a stock on the transfer market up the day of the reward payout and still get paid. See the individual reward page for specific times.

Are friendlies covered?

No, See tournament coverage here:

pageLeague Coverage

What happens if a player has a career ending injury or retires?

If a player sustains a career ending injury or retires the stocks will still exist until you sell them, It will always be possible to sell them via the StocksFC buyback offer, even if no users have placed a buy offer.

How often does the Live Rankings table update?

The live rankings table will be wiped each Tuesday morning.

What happens when multiple players in the same position have the same score?

In the event of a tie between multiple players for Team of the week, month and season, the player with the lowest stock supply will win.

What if my player transfers to another European team, does he still score points in the European competitions such as the Champions League?

If a player moves to another European league they will still be eligible to win rewards for international tournaments and European games.

What if my player transfers to another team and they get relegated, does he still score points in the FA cup and league cup games?

If a player is relegated they will still be eligible to win rewards for any supported tournament they take part in, such as FA cup, league cup and international games.

Will the scores be changed if Opta update them?

A players score can change up until midnight of the day of the game (UTC)

Where can I find the rewards I have earned?

The rewards you have won will be listed on the "My Rewards" page.

Where can I find the rewards earned for a player?

You can see the reward payouts won for a player on the "All Players" page or the players profile page.

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