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Free Loan Stocks For New Users 🆓

All new users will now receive free individual player stocks on loan for one month (30 days).

How many stocks will I get?

If you are referred by another StocksFC user and use their link, you will receive 3 stocks on loan, otherwise you will receive 2 free loan stocks.

Can I earn cash rewards from the loan stocks?

Yes! Within the 1 month period, you will be eligible to receive any rewards that your free loan stocks earn. This includes any rewards for in-play performances and inclusion in Team of the Week and Team of the Month, if the one month period falls within the TOTM deadline.

Loan Stocks will not get TOTS Rewards

Can I sell my loan stocks?

No, Loan stocks cannot be sold, and will automatically expire and be returned exactly 30 days after the loan stocks are claimed on site.

Where do loan stocks come from?

Loan stocks are purchased by the StocksFC loan bank account during an IPO or from the transfer market. The number of stocks in the loan bank depends on the players supply.

There will be a maximum of 100 stocks per player available in the loan bank, for players with a lower supply there may only be 10 or 20.

From 25th February 2024, The StocksFC loan account will purchase 100 stocks from each IPO, the purchase will occur after the IPO has ended on the Sunday during the maintenance period.

How can i see the total number of stocks on loan?

You can see the total amount of live loans on the SFMC page :

How can i see the total number of stocks on loan for a specific player?

You can see the total number of stocks on loan for a specific player by clicking their image on the transfer market page:

How To Claim Your Free Loan Stocks

Sign up as usual (click the referral link if you received one from an existing user). Verify your email and then log in to your account.

Click 'Claim Your Free Stocks Now':

You will need to verify your mobile number in order to claim your free stocks (this is to prevent users claiming multiple loan stocks).

Enter your mobile number:

Enter the verification code received:

Once you have verified your phone number you will see a pop up informing you of the loan stocks you have received!

Click 'Got it' and you can now enjoy any cash rewards these players receive during your first month.

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