StocksFC has the following goals to create long-term sustainability within the platform:

  • A reward system that can continue to payout rewards during market downturns

  • A platform that is not reliant on new users to continue operations

Is the StocksFC reward system sustainable long-term?

Sustainability is the core principle of StocksFC.

Reward payouts are allocated based on the current balances of the Reward Pots. This ensures that over-payments are not possible.

StocksFC was also built to be fully operational with any number of users - StocksFC can operate at full functionality with 1 Million users or 10 users. User numbers and funds do not have a direct impact on the platform's functionality.

Longevity of the reward system

The StocksFC reward system can continue to function at optimal performance with scenarios of high activity, low activity and everything in between. Since StocksFC uses Ethereum, which supports 18 decimal points as its native currency, we can continue to payout rewards for 175 weeks (over 3 years) with just $100.

This is an extreme circumstance that is highly unlikely to happen, however we have comfort knowing that the platform can withstand market downturns of any severity.

Rewards are not solely reliant on user funds

As StocksFC also uses a staking wallet that directs its yields to the reward wallets, we can still maintain reward payouts without new users or funds entering the platform. As the platform grows, we intend for staking to become the main source of funding for the reward pots.

Have we tested the Reward System?

The reward system has been stress tested across three different scenarios:

  • User growth & deposits consistently increase;

  • User growth stops but deposits increase;

  • User growth & deposits consistently decrease

Reward System Stress Testing

You can view the full test results of our testing below

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